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Stories from our students!

Gabriel Gongora Jercic

Santiago, Chile to Seattle

August 2016 - July 2017

His experience in Spanish/Espagnol and English

Carla Netelenbos 

Perigueux, France to Seattle

August 2016 - July 2017

Her experience in French and English

Victor Prieur and Lisa Verdier (France) talk about their year-long exchange in Seattle in English.



Hey Hal, 

I am back from Brazil! I had a great time in Brazil and my year abroad definitely did not negatively impact my college application process (I got into Dartmouth, University of Chicago, and Cornell and all my interviewers said they thought my year abroad was really cool). 


I would say that although going abroad my senior year did make applying to college more complicated, it gave me more time to accumulate AP credits/internships to make my application more competitive.


So if a student is looking to apply to really elite colleges, senior year is probably the best time to go.   Otherwise I don't think going abroad junior year would hurt college admission chances at all.


I was also able to easily transfer my credits and graduate on time.   


Megan, Seattle to Brazil 2016-2017

Twins Naomi and Maria each did an exchange: Switzerland and Italy. 

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